BFF and Pracatum are now global partners

Brazilian Friends Foundation (BFF), partner of many associations and programs that seek, assistance from volunteers in their social projects, announces an international alliance with Associação Pracatum Ação Social (APAS). Pracatum is a non-profit organization funded by multi-instrumentalist artist, Carlinhos Brown.

BFF is an official and international representative of Pracatum’s social projects beyond it’s origin, the city of Salvador in Bahia, whereas Pracatum now represent BFF in Brazil.

“With this new partnership. BFF will be able to promote the social work of the association from Bahia throughout the whole world, searching for resources that subsidize our two main projects: Pracatum Music & Technology School and Pracatum English”, affirms Selma Calabrich, Executive Director of Pracatum.

The partners in this endeavor

Brazilian Friends Foundation (BFF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote Education, Information, Art & Culture, positively impacting the Brazilian community. It was created based on the successful experience of a group of friends who came together to line up volunteer activities that mobilizes and articulates partnerships for educational and cultural exchange between Brazil and the United States.

Associação Pracatum Ação Social – APAS, was funded in 1994 by Carlinhos Brown, also a non-profit organization, promotes educacional, cultural and community development programs in Candeal Pequeno de Brotas, in Salvador, Bahia. Pracatum has the mission to contribute to Candeal turning it into a place of quality of life by means of cultural and educational initiatives that value knowledge and community demands, and sharing this model of social transformation.

“Our aim is to create a network of educational and cultural cooperation between Brazil and the United States, creating distribution channels for the Brazilian culture worldwide by means of successful partnerships such as this one with Pracatum”, states Priscila Trummer, Vice President of BFF.

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The school of my dreams is a place where people will satisfy their curiosities and at the same time develop others – Carlinhos Brown


The projects involved

pracatum-225x160Pracatum School of Music & Technologies- The program utilizes methodological strategies that help students develop musical and citizenship skills. It brings focus to the vocational education work in the music field through a Technical Course in the musical department- Percussion (work load of 1200 hours) and Phonographic Processes (work load of 864 hours), to train 200 youth and adults.  In addition to the theoretical and practical training, the school inspires to awake in the students a sense of civic responsibility and solidarity.

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Pracatum Englipracatum inglessh School- Created to promote the English learning process as a communication and social inclusion tool for 200 children and youth, between the ages of 8 to 17 years old,  in a vulnerable socioeconomic situation. All of those enrolled in a public school system.

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“Carlinhos Brown is a musical, cultural and social reference. It is a privilege to disseminate the capability of Brazilian music in the United States through this partnership. This work has changed the lives of  youths and also contributing to cultural and social development.  At Pracatum, music is the path of transformation of the children into leaders of the new world”, declares  Jetro da Silva, Board of Trustees of BFF.



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