An Evening with Carlinhos Brown

Tickets for the Lincoln Center Concert Here

Brazilian music star Carlinhos Brown returns to Lincoln Center Festival for another joyous global party. Coming of age just a generation after Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, Brown is one of today’s most prominent torchbearers of the Bahian sound. With 30 of his songs having topped the Brazilian charts, Brown embraces carnaval anthems, samba-funk pop, ballads, reggae, rock, and hip-hop. His famously electrifying stage show features virtuosity percussion, full band, colorful costumes, and non-stop dance that are guaranteed to get audiences on their feet. Deeply committed to improving lives in his hometown, his artistry also glows with generosity, creating ecstatic moments of community and celebration wherever he goes.

“I believe that my music will cross borders, because it is a music open to the world, open to everyone.” — Carlinhos Brown

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